The Heart of Employee Financial Health.

We nurture employees’ financial health by allowing them to take control of their finances.

A financially healthier workforce is a more productive workforce.

It’s not just the ethical thing to do, it’s good for business.

We have just launched our special report on the Cost of Living crisis.

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How we do it.

We enable your employees to access a portion of their earned pay when they need it, on-demand. ​

We deliver a suite of financial education and management tools, including savings, to help your people make better financial decisions, and perks, rewards and cashback to make their money go further. ​

Our award-winning technology is built to improve the productivity of your workforce and, in turn, the productivity of your organisation.

Hastee is the right earnings on demand provider for your organisation:

Zero cost to your company (contribute if you wish)

Integrates seamlessly with your payroll

No impact on company cashflow (we provide the funding)

Attract, retain & engage your workforce.

Some of the great organisations who love Hastee:

Happy, healthy employees are good for business.

77% of Hastee users are happier at work than they were before Hastee was offered.

Attract talent, keep them happy and make them more productive by giving them something they really value.

Hastee is the ultimate employee benefit - all at no cost.

Hastee can be offered to all employees, no matter what type of contract or seniority, and drives real productivity improvements.

With no cost or cash flow impact to you, the employer, it has the ultimate ROI.

Make your workforce more productive.

Financial stress is the number one contributor to poor mental health. Hastee allows you to support your people by allowing them to take control of their finances.

Reduce your staff churn by up to 54% by using Hastee.

Our wellbeing hub

Personal finance issues can be the cause of significant employee stress – and its impact shouldn’t be underestimated. Sleepless nights, loss of focus, strained interactions. Our financial wellbeing hub is packed with helpful information to help your team manage their money.

Visit the hub
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 Hastee gives your employees fast-moving, flexible budgeting options for the demands of modern life.

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