Rich specialises in looking after our businesses in Healthcare. He’s seen first-hand the impact that Hastee has had on workers in this industry; enabling them to budget, save and manage their money. We sat down with Rich and asked him a few questions:


What are the biggest business problems facing the Care Home & Domiciliary Care sector?

Retention and engagement! With an average staff churn rate in healthcare of anything between 25 – 45% there is a strong case to suggest that many people that go into the sector are not treating it as a career. This means typically having an endless cycle of recruiting, training & trying to retain those people all of which cost time and money.

Many of our businesses have seen over 20% uptake in shifts from their employees that use Hastee. Good for businesses bottom line & great for the residents/clients who build relationships with their healthcare provider.  Don’t just take our word for it, hear from our customer Graham Care in this recent case study as featured in Digital Social Care .

Why Hastee?

Hastee is an opt in benefit so your employees choose if and when they want to use it. Whilst most benefits that are offered, generally have an uptake rate of around 5% to 8%, we boast an average opt in of around 25% across all sectors. But in healthcare, specifically in our Care Home and Domiciliary clients, we see an average of 50% uptake, very much validating the need for Hastee. Also many of our users, download Hastee, but never use it, just keep it in their pocket for a rainy day, we are there for those people when they need us most!

Tell us a little bit about you?

You’ll usually find me (pre-COVID) among all the shops & bars in my native SE1 habitat, walking the dog and parenting my young son. I am super passionate about the Earnings on Demand space, and can’t wait to help more and more people make their money go further.

I’d love to catch up for a virtual coffee and have a yarn about the EoD space, please reach out to me at or on LinkedIn!