You may have seen our recent news, that we agreed to acquire Typs . We’d love to introduce you to our brand spanking new COO, Jaime Jimenez.

This week we sat down with him (over Zoom – of course!) to ask him the hardest of the hard hitting questions. You’re welcome!

✨Slack or Emails?
Emails… does that mean I am old school?
✨Circles or squares?
✨Be chased by 10,000 scorpions or 10 lions?
10 lions after their lunch if possible
✨Introvert or Extrovert?
Sales background 🙂
✨Give up your GPS or Netflix?
✨Apple or Samsung?
Apple, despite its closed environment drives me mad every day
✨Barcelona or London?
✨Working Alone or Working in a Team?
Team always
✨Pandas or Whales?
✨ Beer or Wine?
Wine. Never had a beer. Long story.