The impact of Christmas spending isn’t just felt in December or January, it can go right through the year. 25% of people surveyed* said that the impact of Christmas is felt 3 months after Christmas and frighteningly some people are still feeling the impact of the previous Christmas when it comes round to the following Christmas.


Are you one the 32% of businesses who pay their staff early before Christmas each year? We assume you are doing that because you think it is going to help with Christmas? Wrong.


This is one of the key factors in increasing new year debt as the January pay cycle can be up to 7 weeks which puts a huge strain on workers’ cashflow resulting in loans/payday loans and credit cards being used excessively.


Financial education is lacking throughout the UK and the more we can do to point people away from high-cost credit and towards safe, ethical alternatives the better.


*To read the full New Year impact report please click here. Christmas is over, but the imapct isn’t 2020


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