Hastee Card rewrites the rules. 

We knew there was a better, fairer way to get paid. That’s why we invented Hastee.
Now we’ve gone one step further – Hastee Card. Imagine your bank card, but better. The first card in the world to give you access to your money as you earn it. 

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Benefits For Workers.

Real-time access to earned pay

Cash backs and rewards programme

Hastee Card balance increases as earned

No interest or credit checks

Benefits For Businesses.

Zero cost to your business

Integrates seamlessly with payroll

No impact on business cash flow

Reduced staff turnover and increased productivity

Benefits For Workers.

Benefits For Businesses.

World’s first

The first card in the world to give you access to your money as you earn it. Hastee Card’s balance increases as earned. Giving real-time access to earned pay.  

Imagine your bank card. But better

You can use Hastee Card at all places that accept Visa debit cards including online merchants. Hastee Card is also contactless. Hastee Card is denominated in British Pounds Sterling, but your earnings will be converted into foreign currency should you make a transaction overseas.  

Zero interest

Hastee Card is a Visa debit card that is loaded with your own earnings, not a credit card. This difference is crucial. You will not pay any interest on Hastee Card.  

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