Churn rates are becoming tougher to manage for HR teams, so for companies like Gallowglass that rely on a flexible workforce that can be rapidly-mobilised to satisfy the demand of its clients, this presents a significant challenge.
Hastee was an attractive proposition because it has no impact on Gallowglass’s cash flow and costs the company nothing and with everything settled at the time of the normal payroll there is no extra administration costs.


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What Gallowglass said about Hastee

“Hastee has enabled us to give our workforce financial freedom in an increasingly demanding environment. As a result, we’re able to attract and retain a stronger, happier and financially healthier workforce and provide our clients with a consistent supply of high calibre crew members.”

Chris Parry-Jones, Human Resources Director Gallowglass


“I love it. I use Hastee because often I have more month than money so Hastee pay helps me going through each month. The goal is not to use it but is such a relief to know it’s there” Gallowglass Employee