The home care sector faces a sizable skills gap with many factors influencing staffing levels and the uncertainty around the future of healthcare workers from overseas, means the sector is really needing to focus on homegrown talent and retention of current staff.

As a high pressure and critical industry, GCG require a productive, happy workforce to keep their patients happy and content. When it comes to the wellbeing of their workforce, they recognise that financial wellbeing is integral to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive.

The challenge for GCG

GCG partnered with Hastee to provide their staff with a stress-free way of getting an advance on their earnings, without the administrative burden and the embarrassment from their people, of having to ask for help. They used to get frequent requests for advances of pay.

Hastee has been a particularly important and necessary tool during the Covid-19 pandemic, but GCG know there is an ongoing need from their people for this service. The sign-up rate for Hastee has exceeded their expectations and staff are loving being able to access their earned pay, on demand.

‘By giving our workers access to Hastee it has been further evidence to them that they are a valued member of our workforce and has helped reduced a very real stress for them. The integration with Planday and Hastee is so easy and now we get no requests for pay advances, we are saving time on admin, helping reduce financial stress for our people and helping to attract and retain our people and increase productivity across the board.’ Trisha Raisbeck, Business Services Manager, Graham Care Group

“Very easy and handy. Payment is immediate. Don’t have to wait for payday anymore. Bills paid on time and all emergencies are sorted right on time.” GCG worker.

Who are Planday and Hastee?

Planday empowers businesses to save time on admin and focus on what really matters. Planday enables management and workers to flexibly manage shifts from anywhere with a platform that allows seamless communication.

Hastee is an app that tackles financial stress head on. It’s not lending – Hastee allows workers access to a portion of their earned pay before pay day. There is zero cost to employers and implementation is painless for payroll managers. By enabling workers access to a portion of their earned pay, they can watch their earnings go up, not their bank account go down.

Together, Planday and Hastee provide a seamless journey for people to access their earnings when they need it. GCG have been amazed by the simplicity and success of Planday and Hastee.