Your money. Your way. Your choice.

We can control nearly every second of our lives using technology, yet we still have to wait until pay day for the money we have earned.

Until now.

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What's it all about?

See how Hastee can help you take control of your own financial health.

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Key features for employees

Access your pay immediately.

No credit check. No debt. It's your earned day.

No interest. This isn't a loan.

Better financial health to face those mid-month expenses.

Refer your employer

We know that some 43% of you have wanted an advance on your pay but felt uncomfortable about speaking to your boss about it.

We get it.

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Our wellbeing hub

We have teamed up with guys at The Money Charity and The Money Advice Service to curate a financial wellbeing hub which will give you all the help and advice you need to better manage your finances. There are also tools to help you save and plan for the now and future.