Hastee is an award-winning employee benefit that allows your staff to take a portion of their earned pay, on demand. Giving flexibility and choice in a time where it’s really needed.
We will be removing all fees for the NHS and other critical services for the next 6 months.

And for EVERYONE for the next 3 months.

No cost to business. No cost to user. No catch.


#BeHastee #BeFair

Key Features
  • Free to employers – There is zero cost to you.
  • Cash flow neutral – We fund the advances, you pay us on normal pay day.
  • Fully insured & safeguarded – Mitigates risk to both you and your workforce.
  • Hassle-free – Simple integration with time and attendance, HR and payroll.
  • Universally available – Benefits all staff; temporary, gig, contingent and salaried.
  • No staff credit check – Peace of mind for your employees.