81% of hospitality workers consider pay frequency when looking for a new job.


In order to help ATTRACT, RETAIN & ENGAGE your workforce as the sector opens up, we are offering Hastee for free to the hospitality sector until the end of the year.

Hastee allows your business to:

Reduce staff churn.

54% of workers are more likely to stay with their employer if they offer flexible payments.

Attract the best.

81% of workers take pay frequency into consideration when looking for a new job in hospitality.

Ensure your staff are happy.

77% of Hastee users state they are now happier at work than before Hastee was taken on.

Provide financial education.

Hastee x Nudge exclusive partnership to provide your staff with free, personalised financial education content.

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Key Features

  • Free to employers – There is zero cost to you.
  • Cash flow neutral – We fund the advances, you pay us on normal pay day.
  • Fully insured & safeguarded – Mitigates risk to both you and your workforce.
  • Hassle-free – Simple integration with time and attendance, HR and payroll.
  • Universally available – Benefits all staff; temporary, gig, contingent and salaried.
  • No staff credit check – Peace of mind for your employees.