We can control nearly every second of our lives using technology, yet we still have to wait until payday to access what we’ve earned. Until now. CLIENT NAME has partnered with Hastee to offer you access to a portion of the amount you’ve earned, before payday.


With Hastee, you can access up to 30% of your earned pay within 24hrs of finishing your shift.

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Personalised financial wellbeing

Hastee offers personalized financial wellbeing resources, powered by our friends at nudge, through video, audio, podcast and written content on a range of subjects – from borrowing and insurance to investing and saving, specific to your needs and delivered via the Hastee app, email or WhatsApp – so you can better understand and manage your finances.

Savings as you earn

Saving is simple with Hastee. It allows you to start saving the moment you earn it. You can also create savings goals and make your money go further.

It's your money, access it when YOU need

No hidden fees, and no interest. Access up to 30% of your earned pay each month.


Hastee will not be charging fees until March 31st 2022.


From April 1st 2022, your first withdrawal, up to £100, is free of fees every month, thereafter, just a simple transaction fee of 2.5%

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