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Hastee: Giving you access to a portion of your pay, specifically for hourly-paid workers at Mitchells and Butlers

Here’s some specific Frequently Asked Questions to assist you further, however if we’ve missed something you want to know, please get in touch below or contact us here.

1 – About Hastee

Why are M&B offering this benefit?

To provide a tool to support your financial wellbeing. As well as accessing a portion of your earned pay, Hastee also offers free access to personalised financial education through our partners at Nudge. Whether you are interested in debt advice, getting a mortgage or investing – we have you covered.

How does Hastee work?

Hastee calculates your earnings as you work so you can withdraw up to 30% of your pay to date, the day after your shift.

Is this a payday loan?

No. Hastee only gives you access to the pay you have earned in the current payroll cycle – it’s your pay, Hastee are just getting it to you between pay dates.

Will it affect my credit ratings?

No. Hastee do not credit check you, as this is not a loan.

How much does it cost?

Hastee charges a £1.75 fee for each withdrawal that you make. The financial education tools are completely free to use.

How do I pay Hastee back?

Hastee integrates with M&B systems to automatically deduct the advance and fee from your pay, so there’s nothing for you to do.

2 – Getting Set Up

How do I get started?
To allow us to send your details to Hastee and enable you to enrol, we need your consent on Mable.
Once you’ve consented, you’ll receive an invite code from Hastee within 24hrs. Use this code in the Hastee app to complete your registration and access your earnings on demand!

The Hastee app is available on iOS from the apple store, and on android from google play store.

I’ve consented on Mable but haven’t received an email – what do I do?
Check your email is correct on Mable – if it isn’t, you’ll need to withdraw your consent, enter your correct email address, then reconsent. See ‘Other Queries’, below, on how to do this. If you’re still not having any luck, contact Hastee.

What data do you share with Hastee?
We share your: employee ID, first and last name, hire/rehire date, termination date (if applicable) and personal email address (as provided on the Mable consent screen).
For each shift worked, we tell Hastee your Job ID, job role, outlet address, hourly rate, shift start and end date & time and amount earned.

My registration code has expired – how do I get a new one?
For security reasons, you need to activate your account by following the instructions on the email within a certain time period. If you need a new code, you can request a new code by contacting Hastee. Make sure you include the email address that you entered on Mable, and that you work for Mitchells & Butlers.

I can’t login to the app
You should have received an invitation to Hastee by email after entering your details on the app. If this hasn’t arrived, or you’ve forgotten your password, then contact Hastee so they can reset it for you.


How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, open the app and click on Forgotten password and follow the instructions. You’ll be emailed a new temporary password which is valid for 24 hours. Use your temporary password to log back into Hastee then go to My profile – My info – Change credentials – Change password and choose a new password.


I’ve just signed up but can’t add my bank details
You’ll be prompted to enter your bank details when you make your first withdrawal.


3 – Using Hastee

My balance is lower than expected
Hastee only picks up shifts that started yesterday where you have clocked in and out. If you don’t clock out before 4pm the next day then your shift will never get picked up by Hastee and so it won’t increase your Hastee balance. If you think your balance isn’t right, we’d recommend speaking to your manager in the first instance, and then contacting Hastee.

When can I cash out my pay?
The exact time you can cash out your pay will depend on a number of factors. Generally, you will be able to cash out the day after your shift, until the Saturday before payday. At this cut-off point, your balance will change to zero. Hastee will send you notifications via the app to let you know when the cut-off point is approaching.

Why do I have no balance?
If you haven’t worked any hours, or withdrawn your consent on Mable, then you won’t see a balance.
If you’ve withdrawn your available balance, you won’t be able to make further withdrawals until you have worked more hours.
If you’ve left M&B, your account will be read-only and no further withdrawals can be made.
If none of these sounds right, contact Hastee.

How much of my pay can I cash out?
You can cash out up to 30% of your earned pay; although if you wish you can reduce this on the app.

How fast will I receive my money?
Within 2 hours, 24/7 – but it’s often instant.

What if I can’t pay my balance?
Any outstanding balance will be carried forward to your next pay, but you won’t be able to make any more withdrawals in the meantime.


4 – Payslip Queries

What does Hastee show as on my payslip?
If you’ve made a withdrawal with Hastee, you’ll see ‘Hastee’ on your payslip – this references the payment you are making to Hastee in return for the advance.


Why does my payslip show an outstanding Hastee balance?
If, after all mandatory deductions are taken from your pay, there isn’t enough to clear your Hastee advance, then the remaining balance will be deducted from your future pay and you won’t be able to make any more withdrawals until the balance has cleared.


My repayment amount on my payslip doesn’t look correct.
Check your Hastee app for a list of withdrawals. Remember to include the fees you have paid! If you still think something’s wrong, contact 0121 498 4747


5 – Other Queries

I’ve previously had an advance from my manager – is this still available?
Hastee doesn’t replace contingency processes for missing pay; if you don’t think you’ve been paid correctly please speak to your manager.

I want to stop using Hastee.
You can stop using Hastee at any time. Deleting the app will not prevent M&B sending your data to Hastee – if you want to stop this, you need to withdraw your consent on Mable. You’ll still be able to see your withdrawal history in the Hastee app.


How do I withdraw my consent?
You need to go back to Mable and untick the ‘I Consent’ box and click save.


I want to remove my details completely from Hastee
You’ll need to contact Hastee directly and ask them to remove your data under the ‘right to be forgotten’.


I’m getting emails from Hastee but I haven’t signed up – how do I stop these?
Click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email, or contact Hastee.

Is there anything else I need to know?
This benefit is not contractual and can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

How can Hastee support my financial wellbeing?
You can access Hastee’s financial wellbeing hub through the app. Hastee provides personalised financial education to M&B employees for free, powered by our partners at Nudge.

How do I contact Hastee?
You will need to use the support feature within the app.
If, for whatever reason, you can’t access the app then email