Hastee’s simple integration with their payroll system allowed Brightsparks to roll out a quick and easy, free benefit to their entire workforce within days of signing up. Alongside the payroll system, Hastee also allowed their staff to check in and check out of their shift, integrating seamlessly with their current time and attendance system.


On a scale of 0 – 9  how would Brightsparks recommend Hastee?

What Brightsparks said about Hastee

“Hastee has now helped hundreds of Brightsparks workers to access their earnings before our normal pay day. This has helped to reduce no-shows, lateness and request for travel funds. It’s a god send.

Caroline Reeve – Managing Director


“Hastee has helped me greatly in times of desperate need. I haven’t actually come across another company that facilities payments as effecttively as the app does! Very efficient and user-friendly app with a clear interface making confirmation of shifts super easy.
If is wasn’t for the app i would find mysel borrowing off family or friends wich is not ideal as i’m transitioning form university to more permanent work within Finance.”

Brightsparks employee