IRIS chose Hastee for two key business reasons.

Firstly, being experts in payroll and seeing the future of pay is in flexible payment solutions, they partnered with Hastee Pay to further increase the scope of their offering to their clients. Secondly, IRIS were looking for a solution for their head office staff who were asking for advances that inevitably put time and cost pressure on admin/finance resources. Aware that many staff were looking for help to bridge the gap between pay days for unexpected bills, IRIS chose Hastee Pay to reduce the financial stress of their workforce.


On a scale of 0 – 9 how would IRIS recommend Hastee?


What Iris said about Hastee

“Using Hastee Pay has exceeded my expectations and has very positive feedback from employees using the service.”
Teresa Rooney | Payroll & Benefit Specialist IRIS


“Having access to my salary in advance gives me the peace of mind to spend my money without worrying about sudden bills or other unexpected payments. It is useful in bridging the gap between payday and for unexpected purchases. Yes, helps me manage my travel if I need to fly abroad on short notice for work.”Various | IRIS Head Office Staff