The heart of your employees' financial health.

We nurture your staff’s Financial Health by allowing them to take charge of their finances.

Our technology is designed with you in mind, to improve the productivity of your workforce and in turn, your business.

Did we mention this won’t cost you anything or have any impact on your company cashflow.

How Hastee works

Sit back and take 90 seconds to find out how Hastee can help your business and your team.

Hastee in 90 secs.
Key features for employers

Recruit and retain staff more efficiently

Integrates seamlessly with payroll

No impact on your cashflow

Exposes you to no financial risk

How many employees are in your organisation?


of your colleagues use some form of credit (eg loan, overdraft etc) each month.


of your colleagues wouldn’t feel comfortable asking you for an advance.


of your colleagues would prefer to be paid more frequently.


is the staff turnover at your business based on UK average turnover rate of 15.5%


is your new turnover rate using Hastee (Hastee to reduce turnover by up to 54%)


is the total saving to your business using Hastee. That's a fairly significant saving, isn't it?

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* figures are based on findings from an independent research study conducted by Vitreous World

Our wellbeing hub

Personal finance issues can be the cause of significant employee stress – and its impact shouldn’t be underestimated. Sleepless nights, loss of focus, strained interactions. Our financial wellbeing hub is packed with information.

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